home inspirations as worn pieces



I love simplicity, It’s no secret.
All things leather,copper,concrete & marble are always on my mind.
I wonder if we can wear what we love in our home on our bodies? Could we get away with it?More importantly would it work?

Who know’s, but fashion is personal choice and inspires everyone differently.

All I can say is that a marble sweatshirt may have been what my dreams were made of, even though i never thought about it until i saw it. Now that is love at first sight.

Think of structure in the clothing like you would architecture in a modern home, clean lines sometimes hard but precise. Maybe a pattern that could be a sleek and subtle wallpaper as a focal point. How about an artists abstract work on a pair of leggings? this is all wanting me to immerse myself in Zara’s new sprint collection.

All images c/o Zara Canada


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