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Loving this home in Sodermaim Stockholm. I like the mix of industrial and country – something different and almost a little rustic. The patio is giving me some idea’s on how to make our’s into another living space, especially in the hot months of summer here in Vancouver.

images c/o Fantastic Frank

Lotta Agaton Home




Making the internet rounds today is the sale of Lotta Agaton’s home in Sweden. Architecturally pleasing is an understatement with it’s gorgeous wood doors, the floor is my favourite with it’s natural colour and amazing texture. Only something you would find in an older home and seeing it restored to such beauty is awesome. I love most pieces in her home and love how lived in and warm it feels. It’s not stuffy like some homes you may see that are “Scandinavian inspired” This home has life and has great character in each room. The sobering part is the price, $475,000 Kr into Cnd funds would be about $212,000 if i’m correct? Wow if so what a steal. These prices do not exist in Vancouver BC. As someone who is on the hunt for their second home it’s very hard as i live in such an insanely priced city. I will be taking lot’s of inspiration from her home and hopefully bringing into my next !





I have always loved gold rings and when David and I got married almost 5 years ago I could find nothing that I liked. I sourced the internet like mad and longed for something simple and with an almost Egyptian feel of gold with black diamonds. David ended up designing and making my engagement ring that has a black diamond and a nice gold band. I love it and when we were thinking of weddings bands I wanted something that had some texture and sat well next to my engagement ring.We have a trusted jeweller in Vancouver that makes our rings for us and let’s us bring in our gold ( some of which belonged to my late nana) so all of my current rings are actually made from passed down rings that did not fit me, but will always be apart of me as I wear them everyday in their new form.

It’s been almost 5 years and I have lots of old gold and some diamonds hanging around from an old pendant. I dreamt up a design for a gold band with 4 diamonds , 2 black diamonds and a pink one set in the middle.I’m so excited to show it once it gets made!

Here are some designs from MOCIUN who of which I have loved since day 1.




I am not a huge “buyer”, I sometimes hoard in vintage shops and regret purchases but I never overspend on countless items. I believe in saving and having a dream. That being said I also sometimes fall in love with items and treat myself. Take the Zara jacket for example, it’s on it’s way as we speak and should be delivered by supper. Perfect for fall and a great price tag too. The CB2 lamp is stunning, the duty fees on this lamp? not stunning. I will be going into the local CB2 on Robson street to price this guy out. Just think of dusk setting in and a rosy glow in the living room. Gorgeous!


Fall is upon us, even though the day’s are still hot a humid the evenings are showing up earlier and earlier.

Zara will always inspire me for every season.


Lovley images found on Trendenser

I love the bedroom but the carpet does nothing for me. Light floors would look so great in this space but i love the simplicity without it looking to bare ( in my eyes ) The kitchen is a dream to me with the use of natural woods and the grey wall that possibly(?) is kitchen cabinetry. Seeing lot’s of kitchens with more and more usage of quality woodwork. It has something I have always been drawn to as it reminds me of Japanese architecture and homes.