Jacqueline Klassen is mutual friend who has garnered some attention lately for her amazing ceramic work. Simple aesthetic and pops of colour make for a really clean and modern take on her ceramics. Overnight it seems that more and more “makers’ have been coming out of the woodwork and making names for themselves due to their handmade objects of desire. I asked her a few questions regarding her work and what inspires her. Hope you enjoy.

Where did you get started doing ceramics?
I signed up for a 6 week beginner course last January at a small studio space in Vancouver. I had been wanting to do something more creative in between finishing my degree and starting an Art History program at UBC. I liked ceramics so much though that I ended up choosing it over more schooling.

What got you motivated to keep going?
Every single thing is so difficult when you first start. Some days you’ll throw twenty balls of clay and not have a single piece turn out. What has kept me motivated to keep going is my love for the craft. I just seriously love to do this. For me, nothing is as fulfilling or rewarding. I’ve also got an amazing community around me cheering me on through all the ups and downs… that has definitely helped me out in my moments of doubt.

What or who inspires you and how does it effect your work?
I always find myself inspired by design elements, such as the interplay between texture and colour, or positive and negative space. Texture is definitely something popping up in my work in a variety of ways these days, whether that be through the use of a chunky or crackly glaze, or through the addition of cut out bits and pieces to a clay body.

What would you like to see come from your work and where do you see yourself a years time from now with it?
I would really like to see my work continue to grow and evolve into something distinctly my own. I’m in the in the test stages of a new collection right now, so hopefully within a year all of the details will be worked out and I will have a new collection to unveil. So much can happen in a years time… but I’ve got a good feeling about this.

IMG_1730 copyIMG_1732 copyIMG_1735 copy


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