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I love the bedroom but the carpet does nothing for me. Light floors would look so great in this space but i love the simplicity without it looking to bare ( in my eyes ) The kitchen is a dream to me with the use of natural woods and the grey wall that possibly(?) is kitchen cabinetry. Seeing lot’s of kitchens with more and more usage of quality woodwork. It has something I have always been drawn to as it reminds me of Japanese architecture and homes.



Last weekend we checked out the Godspeed show down in Chinatown while a Spit n’ Shine was taking place across the street. Lot’s of amazing motorcycles to look at and lot’s of standing around in 30 degree heat took it’s toll on me. Either way I’m glad I went and checked out both, you can check out Cicero deGuzman Jr’s work here- you will be glad you did.





This home, oh this home.

Wanting to vacate the Williamsburg area of NYC due to high rent two married architects came upon this 60’s log cabin in Garrison, NY. Staying within a $400,000 budget they brilliantly renovated this home for a mere $50,000 on top of the $335,000 for the home itself. With little to no help from failing contractors, Taakaki & Christina Kawabata finished cedar planks for the siding and all other renovation needs. Their parents even came from Japan to help with this dream home of theirs come into fruition. Open concept and no clutter lead to an amazing home that bares no big walls and brings a family unit together in perfect harmony. My favourite part of the home? The view from all windows….seriously dreamy.

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